Used Car Guide

Our used vehicle guide gathers expert advice to help you find the perfect used car for you

Citroen Saloon Vehicles

Used Saloon Cars

Looking for a reliable and comfortable car within a reasonable budget? Then consider a saloon as...
Used City Cars

Used City Cars

Urban mobility is changing ... is it time your car changed to?
Used Family vehicles

Used Family Cars

Is the family growing and in need of more space? Then it might be time to invest in a used family...

Used Commercial Vehicles

Looking for a good used commercial vehicle? Follow our guide!
Used Electric Vehicles

Used Electric Vehicles

Are you looking for a more economical car with a low impact on the environment? Go electric!
C3 Aircross SUV

Used SUVs

SUVs are well-designed, comfortable vehicles able to drive in the city and out on the open road.
Benefits of purchasing from a dealer

Buying a Used Car: The benefits of a dealer

Should I purchase a used car from a private seller or a dealership?
Buying a Used Car Online

Buying a used car online

How can I buy a used car online?
Evaluating the value of a used car

Used Car Evaluation

How to estimate the value of a used car.
Steps to buying a used car

Steps for buying a used car

Documents and paperwork procedures when buying your used car.
Tips for buying a used car

Tips for buying a used car

Here are our tips on what to look out for and avoid when purchasing a used car.
Selling Your Used Vehicle

What are the steps for selling a used car?

Don’t forget the paperwork when selling a used car.

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