Selling Your Used Vehicle

What are the steps for selling a used car?

Before selling your used car, you must gather several documents together that are necessary for the sale of your vehicle. You must then work through the paperwork to declare the sale and inform the parties involved. All this may seem very complicated. Rest assured, we have detailed all the steps to follow below, including which documents you must give to the buyer and how to carry out the administration for the others.

Mandatory documents that need to be provided to the buyer:

1. The V5C vehicle registration certificate (registration certificate) with the date and signature of the seller;

2. The declaration of the sale (1 copy for the seller and 1 copy for the buyer) which summarizes the purpose of the sale and describes in detail the used car in question (make, type, power).

Other formalities that need to be carried out when selling a used car

Since you’re selling your car, you must inform your car insurance! A registered letter with acknowledgment of the sale of your vehicle and the date of the sale should be sent to your insurer. You will stop paying your insurance premium and will not be held responsible for any incidents that occur with the new owner. The contracts are valid until midnight on the day of the sale. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, check that the buyer has insurance on his side, and do not forget to mention the time of the sale on the registration certificate.

If you sell your car to a dealer, especially if you’re trading it in for the purchase of one of there cars, new or used, then these formalities will be simplified. This is the case within the CITROËN Select network that simplifies the transaction for you. Your contact person will ask you for the necessary documents in order not to forget anything and they will help you through the process.

Anita Perez
Anita Perez
Don’t forget the paperwork when selling a used car.