C3 Aircross SUV

Used SUVs

Are you looking for a comfortable vehicle to drive around the city and the country? Think SUV! Designed to be comfortable and versatile, SUVs are very popular on the second hand market. With a great range of vehicles to choose from it can be difficult to choose but don’t panic, we have created a guide to make choosing the right vehicle for you simple.


C3 Aircross SUV


What are your day to day needs for your vehicle?

SUVs are often newer vehicles on the second-hand market, which is why they have a relatively high price. Identifying your needs will allow you to make the right choice of vehicle without getting confused in the large amount of offers and other vehicles. The versatility of an SUV has created many versions so thinking about your needs is important such as what is the main use of an SUV, motorway driving or country roads. Does it need to be able to drive off road? Is the most important factor style or comfort? It’s up to you to make the right choice!

• 2 to 4 wheel drive: For classic urban use or for driving around the city a front or rear wheel drive SUV is more than capable. However if on weekends you like an adventure a 4 wheel drive SUV can be a real asset.

• From 4 to 7 seats: Versatility is the key word when talking about an SUV!

• Compact or elongated. If you drive in busy city centres or have to park in tight spaces a more compact SUV like Citroën C3 Aircross will be much easier to park and manoeuvre.

• Equipment: SUVs are generally well equipped and carry a number of safety equipment and driving aids... Identify the equipment you need and review the vehicles on offer to find the perfect car to meet your requirements.




“Where to find the best offers”

The SUV market is growing in popularity with more people interested in purchasing a new and used SUV, the used car market sees vehicles posted at prices ranging from £10,000 to more than £30,000. However, with a budget of £12,000 to £15,000, you can find an excellent SUV at a great price. Our CITROËN Select network ensures that you can select a vehicle with a genuine history, a clean bill of health and no hidden problems so you can buy with confidence. In addition, because buying an SUV requires a larger financial effort than some other models, a dealer can reduce the price accordingly by working out a deal with your existing vehicle.


SUVs are well-designed, comfortable vehicles able to drive in the city and out on the open road.