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Used Saloon Cars

Are you looking for a reliable and comfortable car within a reasonable budget? Then consider a saloon as your next vehicle! There is a vast range of cars to choose from in this segment with a variety of different models, prices and options. If you can’t decide on which car to choose from, follow our helpful guide to find the perfect vehicle for you!

Let’s start from the beginning: What is a Saloon vehicle?

A saloon car offers a comfortable drive in style with well-designed proportions (large saloons over 4.8m in length) so you and your passengers will have all the space you need. Saloon cars also offer optimal driving comfort even in the most difficult driving conditions thanks to excellent maneuverability and a wide range of driving aids. At CITROËN Select, we select the best of the second hand market and place special importance on the key areas of a vehicle:

• The bodywork: a worn down saloon can be seen a mile off due to the wear and tear to the bodywork. This is the first clue that says a lot about the vehicles past life ... And the amount of miles which remain on the clock. Also choose a design that fits your needs, from the long estate of CITROËN C5 to the more classic saloon like CITROËN C4.


• The engine: performance is an important factor for any used saloon. Driving habits, types of journeys, mileage, and a maintenance book are all points that will help understand the current health of your future acquisition!

• The interior: a high level of comfort is an inseparable part of the Saloon spirit. But after 100,000 miles, constant use can take effect with damaged leather or fabric, holes and scratches occurring. Be vigilant and don’t hesitate to have a look around the saloon from every angle.

• Equipment: Driving aids, technology and comfort can vary from model to model. Take advantage of the many opportunities the CITROËN Select network is offering with a range of cars allowing you to choose a vehicle with all the equipment you need.

"How do I purchase a used saloon?”

Purchasing a saloon car, even a used one, remains an investment! Servicing, upgrades and replacement of used parts ... Enjoy a minimum of 12 months warranty offered by your CITROËN Select dealer for more security and peace of mind when purchasing a used vehicle.

So don’t hesitate, visit your local Citroën dealership to find your dream saloon car from a host of different models selected by our network of experts.

Aurélien Delmonte
Aurélien Delmonte
Looking for a reliable and comfortable car within a reasonable budget? Then consider a saloon as your next vehicle!