Used Electric Vehicles

Used Electric Vehicles

If you’re looking for a more economical way to travel with a low impact on the environment, choose a used electric car as your next vehicle! Equipped with an electric motor, electric cars allow you to make daily trips without wasting a drop of fuel. Follow our guide to find out how easy it is to purchase a used electric vehicle and understand all the points you need to know before plugging in.

Used electric vehicles: an economical choice!

An electric car is the perfect solution to get to and from work without having to pay for fuel. Electric vehicles are harder to come by on the second-hand market, but have real benefits in terms of cost and mobility. This is the case for Citroën C-Zero, the city that recharges in a flash, allowing you to drive up to 93 miles on a full charged battery without consuming a drop of fuel!

Citroen C-Zero

• Mileage – Often low because electric cars cover small distances and are traditionally used for small trips and journeys. You will find great offers for electric vehicles with less than 6,000 miles on the clock at Citroën Select network.

• Health of the battery – Before purchasing any used vehicle you should take it on a test drive and that remains the case for used electric vehicles. Try out the car with the air conditioning or heating on and check to make sure the drive feels right and the battery is running correctly. 

• Recharging – Is the car being sold with all the accessories you need to charge the vehicle? Are they in good condition? Don’t forget to try out all the equipment at the day of purchase and also check they are compatible with your home.

• The cost of parts and accessories – The maintenance of an electric car is relatively simple. When looking into purchasing a used electric car ask about the price of body parts and other non-battery components. This is because electric cars are mainly used in the city so could be prone to scratches or dents.

Where do I buy a used electric vehicle?

Buying an electric car from a dealer allows you to benefit from tailor-made advice and extensive knowledge of the vehicle and the state of its health. Whilst the number of electric vehicles in the used vehicle marketplace is low at this time there is no better place to search for one than within the Citroen Select network.

Are you looking for a more economical car with a low impact on the environment? Go electric!