Used Commercial Vehicles

Vans, converted vehicles, or fleet... There is a vast range of commercial vehicles to choose from at a range of prices. It is therefore essential you choose the right commercial vehicle for your business!

Before buying a used commercial vehicle, you should review your business's needs for the van. There are lots of points to consider including the load volume; ease of loading, interior design and mileage. Will a smaller vehicle like CITROËN Nemo be beneficial for your business or is a vehicle dedicated to transporting goods like CITROËN Relay more beneficial?

Citroen Relay

What should I be looking for in a used commercial vehicle?

• The price: A well-equipped vehicle is often available under the £10,000 mark. Beyond that, expect high-end vans with high loading volume and advanced technology.

• The engine: Most vans come with diesel or petrol engines with power ranging from 100 to 120hp. However, consider the future weight and equipment you will have on board after you purchase the vehicle, as you may need a more powerful engine if you are expecting to carry larger loads.

• Volume: Movers, building trades or delivery ... For a commercial vehicle, volume and payload, are essential pieces of information as they revolve around almost everything your commercial vehicle will be used for. Before purchasing a used commercial vehicle, find out about the Gross Weight Allowable and the Gross Vehicle Weight Allowance and compare them to what your trade requires.

• On board equipment: Handling, loading, delivery, building trades ... Think about the layout you need from a commercial vehicle. Driving aids can prove very useful for those who spend a lot of time on the road: Blind spot monitoring, Active safety brake and power steering can all come in handy when on long drives. Feel free to check all the equipment, or trust the expertise of the CITROËN Select network professionals that can find the right vehicle for your needs.

Citroen Dispatch

As you can see, the used commercial vehicle market has a lot of great vehicles to choose from which a wide range of lengths, volumes and heights. That's why the CITROËN Select network uses all of its expertise to find you the right vehicle. So don’t hesitate and contact your local CITROËN Select network to find the perfect vehicle for you among thousands of potential vehicles.

Looking for a good used commercial vehicle? Follow our guide!