Used City Cars

Used City Cars

Students, young drivers and city dwellers ... Urban mobility is changing! Affordable, compact and versatile, small used city cars perfectly meet the needs of this specific market.

Are you looking for the ideal vehicle to drive in traffic, rush hour and an urban lifestyle? City cars such as CITROËN C1 or CITROËN C3 are stylish, practical and come equipped with intelligent technology so you can travel in style and comfort.


Citroen C3

How to choose a vehicle to meet your requirements? Discover the advantages of a used city car and choose the one that suits you:

• The price: New city cars already come at affordable prices but used city cars come at even greater value and are a great choice for students seeking their first car.

• Limited power: pollution, speed limits, traffic jams and multi storey car parks... why pay high insurance prices for a powerful engine you don’t need?

• Fuel: Petrol or diesel, city cars are often equipped with small engines but are very reliable and fuel-efficient. You could, on the other hand, go fully electric with CITROËN C-Zero.

Citroen C1

Manageable, economical and agile; Small practical cars remain the solution to driving in the city. When buying your used city car, don’t hesitate to check all the minor details so you know the car has been properly maintained such as: signs of dents on the doors, scratches on the wheels, solicited clutch or recently changed parts. Alternatively, you can head to your local Citroën Select dealer to purchase a used city car from recognised, trusted professionals to benefit from an extensive 112-point pre-delivery inspection, history of ownership check and much more, without breaking the bank!

Urban mobility is changing ... is it time your car changed to?