Best place to buy a used vehicle

Where Is The Best Place To Buy A Used Car In The UK?

Are you looking for a reliable used car? Discover all the great offers that are available on the market and be aware of the ones to stay away from ... Follow our guide and discover our tips to be sure to find your perfect used vehicle without breaking the bank!

"Should I buy a used car from a private seller or a business?"

The first big question is who to buy the used car from. Should it be from a private seller or a dealership? You can first turn to a private seller by looking at local adverts or specialised sites. The advantage of this is that you can deal directly with the seller. However, with this route you have no guarantee of the vehicles past life like you would when purchasing from a dealership.

When purchasing from a Citroën Select dealer it can be ensured that the used vehicle will have a history of ownership check and an extensive 112 point pre-delivery inspection, services associated with the sale of the used car such as warranty and finance offers are also available when purchasing with a Citroën Select dealer.

"Can we trust used car ads from the internet?”

The internet has revolutionised the way we purchase goods, research and communicate. Today it is possible to find thousands of vehicles on the web (the CITROËN Select network has more than 4,000 vehicles available). If you’re finding it difficult to navigate through all the different offers, try sorting through the ads that are clearly too good to be true, scams and the ads which are genuine (which are usually ads that are complete, have all the crucial information and have many good quality photos). It is also important to know where the car is and to have an address so you can see it in real life and take it for a test drive. Alternatively, you can take a simpler approach and trust the professionals at your nearest Citroën Select Dealer.




The second hand market has many great vehicles, but to ensure that you find an offer that suits you, we advise you trust the expertise of our network of experts. At Citroën Select, you benefit from all the knowledge and experience of our dealers and have a vast choice of vehicles to choose from including; MPV’s such as Citroën C4 Picasso, stylish city cars such as Citroën C3 and a range of commercial vehicles like the Citroën Dispatch, Relay or Berlingo electric. You just have to choose the right vehicle for you.

A brief overview of the UK market.
Best place to buy a used vehicle