Tips for buying a used car Tips for buying a used car

Tips for buying a used car

So you’re planning to buy a used car but are worried about the risks? Whether you’re purchasing a used car from a private seller or a dealership, you should always take extra care. But rest assured, we are here to help you with the purchase of your used car and will tell you everything you need to know! Here are our tips on buying a used car and what to look out for when doing so.

The value of the car and its description

By buying a used car, you are trusting the previous owners and the person you are buying it from. Model, bodywork, options, mileage ... you want to gain as much information as you believe is possible, but also check the car when you go to see it. Make sure everything is consistent. Therefore, if in the manufacturer’s description it says the seats should have a leather finish but they are in fact fabric this could mean that one of the owner has changed them and therefore could mean they have changed other parts of the car. Likewise, don’t always rely on the mileage displayed on the meter; you should compare it to what is said in the documents the seller passes to you as well as the age of the car. The selling price should compare to the current market value which can be researched online.

Carry out a complete review of the used car

Don’t always believe what you see at a first glance. Inspect every detail of the car inside and out. After looking at the vehicle as a whole, take a closer look at the bodywork, doors and windows, tyres and mirrors. Then it is time to open the bonnet. In addition to checking the water and oil levels ask the seller to run the engine to make sure it sounds okay and no black smoke is coming out of the exhaust. Then ask the seller about the age of the battery, timing belt and when the filters were changed last (for diesel cars). These questions will help give you more accurate information about the car but also if the seller really knows the condition of their car. If the seller is in doubt or seems hesitant this could mean that they are hiding something.

By buying a used vehicle from a specialist, you have a guaranteed assurance that a complete check of the vehicle has been carried out before it is sold to you. From the C1 city car to the Relay commercial vehicle, all the vehicles offered by the CITROËN Select network will have a clean bill of health and solid history. As well as a 112 point pre-delivery vehicle inspection, up to a 12 month Citroën warranty and breakdown service, history of ownership check and MOT test cover.

To be sure talk with a specialist, who understands all the points of the car being sold. Do your research on the CITROËN Select website. You will be able to see the car, try it and know its exact history. Want to make a used car purchase with confidence? Choose Citroën Select.

Anita Perez
Anita Perez
Here are our tips on what to look out for and avoid when purchasing a used car.