Evaluating the value of a used car

Used Car Evaluation

A used car may have already travelled many miles and may have had several owners. Whether only a couple of years old or considered a classic car, the vehicle will have naturally lost value over time. When a car is considered ‘used’, its selling price is evaluated according to a wide range of factors. The condition and specification of the car are important, but its service history can also give it more value.

Other criteria provide an even more accurate used vehicle value. Is the car in question rare or a special edition? Are there optional extras on the car that make it more desirable? Is the mileage low versus the age of the vehicle?

A car’s value isn’t just down to the car itself. It is possible for used cars with a low mileage that are under 2 years old to still have their manufacturer's warranty. Better still, when buying from Citroën Select, we can offer you a warranty extension, give you support with all the official paperwork and offer you a part-exchange deal on your old vehicle.

When searching for your next Citroën Approved vehicle enter your current vehicle details into the Part Exchange tool to get an indication of the current market value. This will help you take the next step towards finding the right car for you.

How to estimate the value of a used car.