Steps to buying a used car

Steps for buying a used car

Are you thinking of buying a used car? To make sure everything runs smoothly and you purchase a used car that is the right one for you, you must ensure that you collect all the required documents from the seller and then go through the essential step of registering and carrying out a new certificate. Follow our guide so you can have a summary of all these steps and understand the paperwork procedures so you can drive away in a used car happy.

The documents the seller must give you when selling there used car are:

1. The V5C vehicle registration certificate (‘log book’): it specifies the date of the sale (with the mention of the time) and allows you to drive, temporarily, until a new certificate is sent to you in your name. Also check that the information in the log book matches any other information you have been given by the seller.

2. A valid MOT test document. This will show you when the last MOT test was carried out and any problems that may have been fixed.

3. The declaration of assignment (1 copy for each party): it summarises the objective of the sale and serves as a contract between the buyer and the seller. Do not hesitate to mention on this document information that would be important, such as the colour of the car.


Anita Perez
Anita Perez
Documents and paperwork procedures when buying your used car.